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Application And Cooperation

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1、Transformer of DC-DC

Main Product Model:EE Type、ER Type

Applicable Materials:PF-2、PF-2L
2、Adapter of PC notebook, digital camera, mobile communication
Main Product Model:EP Type、RM Type

Applicable Materials:PF-2L、PF-2LA
3、LCD backlight

Main Product Model:EPC Type、ET Type

Applicable Materials:PF-2LA、PF-2H
4、Green lighting
Main Product Model:EE Type、EF Type
Applicable Materials:PF-2L、PF-2T
5、Filter, inductor, wideband transformer, pulse transformer & etc

Main Product Model:PQ Type、POT Type、RM Type、T Type

Applicable Materials:PF-5、PF-10、PF-12
6、Transformer for xDSL modem

Main Product Model:ER Type、UU Type、T Type

Applicable Materials:PF-2、PF-5、PF-10
7、Transformer for high frequency power supply

Main Product Model:EE Type、PQ Type、RM Type、UU Type

Applicable Materials:PF-2、PF-2L